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Welcome to the Bathscape explore page, where you can see a summary of the existing data for the region on the map and reports below.

If you'd like to look at specific records on the map, click on the question mark icon in the map's top right corner, and then click on any blue square of interest. The data will display in the Records and Species reports. Simply click the square again to deselect it.

Bathscape Totals:

942 species
2567 records
259 photos

Recorded Species

Trending species

  • Brindled Beauty
  • Brown Long-eared Bat
  • Clouded Drab
  • Common Pipistrelle
  • Common Quaker
  • Dark Arches
  • Heart & Dart
  • Hebrew Character
  • Lesser Horseshoe Bat
  • Noctule Bat
  • Pyramidal Orchid
  • Serotine
  • Shuttle-shaped Dart
  • Soprano Pipistrelle
  • Treble Lines